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To create a short promotional video for the upcoming TESOL Greece event on November 4th, we interviewed some of our student bloggers about the reasons why they like learning English in this way. At the beginning of the video, two junior presenters explain what a ‘blog’ actually is, followed by more learners of various ages and levels, which is the first piece of evidence of how blogging can entice almost everyone into practising the language more.

All students prepared their own statements and little correction has been made so as for their opinion and feelings to remain intact.


We hope to meet you in person at the respective event:

B-logging in the EFL classroom

IST – Hertfordshire in Athens
November 4th, 2012 Pireos 72, Moschato

To be covered and put into practice during the 45-minute workshop:
– How can teachers create a blog?
– How can they incorporate it into their teaching and take advantage of its full potential?
– How can students create class blogs?
– What is the best way to use a class blog

Links to the blogs of the students who appeared in the video:

Christina, Nassia and Rafaela: girls-english.blogspot.gr
Maria and Izoldi (with many more contributors): markaki-literature.blogspot.gr
Michael (with Ourania): markaki-toefl.blogspot.gr
Sotiria: sotiria-english.blogspot.gr 


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