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1) Read Me Stories – Children’s books

Young blogger, 9-year-old Nicolas, narrates every adventure of Tuffy the Pony he reads in the new interactive e- books on the iPad:

• Tuffy and Eeny the Elefink [The red key]
• Tuffy’s second adventure [The lost keys]
• Tuffy’s adventure with Gabby the Gremlin (a story)

2) MeeGenius! Kids’ Books


1) Teaching and learning apps by Oxford University press

2) Draw Something Free 

Little George has learnt a lot of new words by exchanging drawings
 with the amazing Shantinee Raj, teacher of English in Athens.
Nicolas can’t wait to have his turn with
Michael Stout, teacher of English in Japan.

For juniors:

1) Alphabet Tracing

2) WATCH Disney Junior

3) ABC For Kids

Perfect for visual and kinaesthetic learners,
while downloadable podcasts are ideal for the auditory ones.

TOEFL Speaking:

1) TOEFL Speaking

2) SMART Speaking TOEFL


Using the iPad with Young Learners

A Pre-Junior Lesson with the iPad


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