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Our New Year’s Resolutions game: What we mostly did was pick a card randomly and then express our thoughts on it. In other words, students had to understand and explain what kind of resolution the box had ‘predicted’ for them. Then, they could pick out cards for their classmates/ friends/ family, which unravelled a very interesting discussion. (Especially when younger students got the word ‘relax’ as a New Year’s resolution!) Teachers can finally decide to focus on vocabulary and offer derivatives of the words on the cards, collocations including them and so on. Imagination poses no limits!

Some ideas for which words to put in the box can be found on this webpage, which also presents a different version of a very interesting New Year’s game:

love / listen / focus / simplicity / laugh / friends / create / play / read / adventure / patience / exercise / pray / peace / breathe / persist / evolve / connect / smile / appreciate / relax / compassion / forgive / accept / joy / balance / harmony / give / grateful / calm / authentic / remember / release / health / floss / happy

More words to present advanced students with.


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