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This is a very intriguing message Cambridge English has sent to various teacher- bloggers. I am now presenting it to teachers who read my blog and are eager to spice up their lessons a bit more. I myself am surely taking up the challenge even though it is not so easy to choose among such exciting suggestions. The whole campaign goes live at the beginning of April; further updates will come soon.


The Cambridge English Teaching Challenges will give you new, practical ideas for your teaching and help you to further your professional development.

You can use what you learn instantly to inspire both you and your students!

How it works

There are 5 challenges for teachers to choose from.

  • Each challenge takes 5 weeks to complete and requires 1-2 hours per week
  • Teachers sign up for the challenge that will help their teaching the most
  • Each week we’ll email teachers with a new step for their chosen challenge, including links to all the videos, articles and resources needed
  • Complete all 5 weeks of any one challenge and get Record of Achievement
  • Teachers can continue to further their development by trying any one of the other challenges
  • Discussing progress, sharing achievements and challenging friends and colleagues is made easy with our Teaching Challenges hashtag – #5teachingchallenges

The Challenges

  • Create a professional development plan that works for you
  • Find new ways to motivate your learners
  • Find new ways to identify, analyse and correct your learners’ mistakes
  • Be more confident using digital resources
  • Be more confident using English in class

Take on a challenge!

Do you want to discover new practical ways to motivate your learners? Or perhaps you’d like to explore ways of using digital resources in the classroom more? Choose the challenge that will be most beneficial to your teaching and complete the steps.

And don’t forget, you can start conversations about our 5 Teaching Challenges using #5teachingchallenges.

Are you up for the challenge?

More about Cambridge English Teacher Development

We are a world leader in teacher development, offering globally accepted teaching qualifications and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) resources for teachers.

Our professional development framework and Teacher Tracker help you to understand where you are currently and give suggestions for future development.




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