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On 22nd October, Theodora Papapanagiotou, Senior Educational
Consultant Hyphen SA, visited our school to apply wonderful activities,
which combined bodily movement and oral practice of the language.

A sample of these activities:
Adjectives are written on some pieces of paper and
thrown randomly in the bucket.
Students choose one of these adjectives and a miniature of
their favourite animal. Then, they perform a pantomime in front of
their team so that they understand both of these words and win a point.
(e.g. a crazy giraffe, a happy hippo. etc.). 
Another activity: Letters on small pieces of paper that
make up a word are put inside a balloon. The teams need to
burst the balloon and put the letters in the correct order
in a limited amount of time.

Dora exhibiting the balloon activity.

Putting the letters in the right order.

Running dictation: The players have to run, read a given text (of their level),
run back to the writer of the team and dictate what they remember. The team
which first records correctly all the given text is the winner.

After a variety of activities which involved reproducing vocabulary such as the months,
animals, adjectives, numbers, the letters of the alphabet and related words,
it was time to quieten down with some children’s yoga, contemplating on
beautiful scenes with descriptions of them in English.
Heartfelt thanks to amazing Dora for her time and effort! Our students had the unique opportunity to reproduce the language in a stress-free environment, which enhances learning as well as the genuine love for the language. Shouldn’t that be the ultimate aim of all teaching approaches and methods?


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