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Riddles, constructions, kinaesthesis and an amazing range of other collaborative activities in English were the ingredients of two thrilling treasure hunts to be held in our school, with the valuable help of the Youthtopia team of active university students, especially for our learners of all ages. That was an event that has definitely left an indelible impression on all the participants.

One of the main aims was to give a first taste to the participants of some of the subject matter to be covered in their coursebooks in the rest of the year. Therefore, all riddles, quizzes and kinaesthetic activities were based on the use of certain grammar and vocabulary for each age group.

The theme being the Middle Ages, there were videos and music to create a suitable atmosphere and inspire the teams to solve the quite demanding riddles.





Having awarded STYLE certificates of success to our younger learners, the missions began!



What an amazing event for our children and teenagers! Themed riddles about the Middle Ages, board games, running dictation, pantomime, to name but a few, excited the imagination and enhanced cooperation, right before the new school year officially begins for our school!























To conclude our adventurous treasure hunt session, we happily sang a song.






And the winners are… those who completed the treasure hunt missions the fastest, but everyone won in terms of learning and functioning as a member of a team.




All the amazing Youthtopia members contributed to making this event a unique experience for our learners. Heartfelt thanks to every single one of them!


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