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During his talk called E.U. Back To School, Manolis Katsougris was an eloquent presenter who established instant rapport with his audience, demystifying concepts such as various European Union’s policies, climate change and use of plastic. Our advanced learners were enchanted by the enlightening topics, which are also important exam questions. Thus, there was a double benefit for those future exam candidates, who took meticulous notes and reflected on the projected videos, some of which were:

The European Commission explained

The EU’s 2030 goals for climate and energy

A Day in the Life of Elena in Greece

Single use plastics

The Environmental Implementation Review 2019

At the end of the presentation there was a surprise online quiz, thoroughly prepared by Manolis, aiming to test the knowledge as well as the speed of the participating teams. The fastest team won delicious Belgian chocolate, in a room full of enthusiasm and smiles. We wholeheartedly thank Manolis for his painstaking effort to create a real learning experience for our students.

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