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Who stole the painting? An interactive story with slides, costumes and the most suspicious characters we tirelessly worked on, for the benefit of our students only! With our older learners in the roles of the suspects, our young detectives had to ask them the right questions in order to find the answer to the question in the title, only to uncover a web of lies and … more questions!

The teachers of the school wrote the story, but the physical appearance and personality of the characters were created by the older students mostly, who performed the roles before the younger ones. The story was about the inheritance of a strange old lady, Cordelia Smith, whose will mysteriously disappeared on the night of her unexpected death, together with an expensive painting Cordelia had in her bedroom.

A circle of suspicious relatives (our older students as actors) immediately gathered at the house, desperately trying to prove their alleged innocence to the young detectives (the younger students), while also being interested in finding the lost will. The detectives had to read the slides, listen to Cordelia’s recorded voice, follow the clues, examine the frame (which was the only thing remaining from the stolen painting) and ask questions to each suspect to finally reach a very surprising conclusion!

This year’s Carnival Thursday (20/2/2020) was a unique experience for all students involved, who used the language in unexpectedly creative ways, taking advantage of the Greek Carnival festivities. Take a look at the photographs of the event.





















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