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In B2 (en), C2 Proficiency(en), D' Class(en), E' Class (en), English in Panhellenic Exams(en), IELTS(en), TOEFL(en), TOEIC(en)

👉 Minors must have parental permission to watch any of the following. 
👉 Tags have been added next to the titles with a clear reference to the topics discussed in Advanced/ Proficiency classes. 
👉 New titles will constantly be added. 
  1. Non- English films/ series or including little English or heavy accents or slang, but with very thought- provoking material to draw from when writing or speaking:
The Platform- injustice, redemption, crime, future (some violent content)
Unorthodox – women, empowerment
The boy who harnessed the wind- empowerment, inequality
The colour purple- women, empowerment, injustice 
The African doctor- real life, injustice
The photographer of Mauthausen- history, real life, injustice
  1. English- language films or series with linguistically rich and thought- provoking material: 
Black Mirror – technology, future, life (some violent content)
Marriage story – relationships, life, success, women, empowerment
Our planet- documentary, ideal listening practice, environment
Explained- documentary, ideal listening practice, an array of topics -> the spin-off series ‘The Mind Explained’ is a must-watch
Greatest events of World War II in colour- history
The Freedom Writers- empowerment, history, injustice
Darkest hour- history
The Crown- history
When they see us- real life, injustice
Lion- real life, injustice
Unbroken- real life, empowerment
The social network- real life, social media
12 years a slave- history, real life
Into the wild- real life, empowerment
King’s speech- history
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind- relationships, technology, future
Our souls at night- relationships, ageing
Lady Bird- teenagers, relationships
Blue Jay- relationships, life, memories, regret
To the bone- anorexia, teenagers, life
I am mother- technology, future, relationships
La la land- musical, life, relationships, goals
Hugo – society, love, technology, past
The Great Hack – technology, Internet, personal data, privacy
  1. Hilarious sitcoms about family life, relationships& ageing:
The Kominsky Method
Grace and Frankie
One day at a time
  1. Period pieces:
Sense and sensibility – love, society, family, women
Lady J – love, deceit, society, success
Alias Grace – crime, hypnosis, relationships, life


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