Our school’s Instagram contest!

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In B' Class(en), B2 (en), C' Class(en), C2 Proficiency(en), D' Class(en), E' Class (en)

During the Halloween celebrations of October 2020, apart from the artistic, kinaesthetic and other fun activities students were engaged in, an Instagram contest was held among young and older learners (A2-C2 CEFR level), according to which participants had to upload one of their own Halloween-themed photos on their Instagram account, with a caption combining the recently taught vocabulary and grammar. The resulting images were spectacular, paving the way to artistic self-expression and autonomy in language production.

📤 The winners have cheerfully received their prizes, which were T-shirts specially designed for our school.

📆 Warning: Our students should be ready for more such suprises in the near future!


Read more about the contest in the Greek version of our website or catch a glimpse of the photos below.




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