Classic works of literature turned into splendid TV shows!

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Netflix is ubiquitous, but we should not underestimate Ertflix, its Greek counterpart. One of the upsides is that it is easily accessible by everyone, through its website or a specially designed app (you can download it from PlayStore/ AppStore).


If you click here , you can find unique BBC limited series, such as:

  1. Jane Eyre (based on the novel written by by Charlotte Brontë)
  2. Sense and Sensibility (based on the novel written by Jane Austen)
  3. Great Expectations (based on the novel written by Charles Dickens)
  4. And Then There Were None (based on the novel written by Agatha Christie)


Some of them will only be available until March 2021, so you must hurry! You will surely reap the benefits, since you are going to listen to wonderful British English as you get acquainted with universally acclaimed works of literature. Perfect for advanced classes (B2, C1, C2).



Find out more about each book:


Great Expectations by Charles Dickens:


Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë:


And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie


Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen


Jane Eyre: Wonderful feminist analysis of the ending



In providing a happy ending for Jane, Brontë seems to suggest that individuals who manage to navigate the pressures and hypocrisies of established social and religious structures can eventually enter into lasting love. A woman who refuses to bend to class and gender prejudices, or to accept domination or oppression, might still find kindred hearts and a sense of spiritual community. Lastly, Brontë seems to suggest a way in which a woman’s quest for love and a feeling of belonging need not encroach upon her sense of self—need not restrict her intellectual, spiritual, and emotional independence. Indeed, Brontë suggests that it is only after coming to know oneself and one’s own strength that one can enter wholly into a well-rounded and loving relationship with another.





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