Easter event for the younger students

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Targeted language use coupled with joy and fun was what our children’s Easter event was all about. It included a variety of activities, such as:

1. Easter bingo with loads of exciting questions to the participants.

2. Chubby bunny: Stuffing our mouths with pieces of fruit and chocolate and then uttering “Chubby Bunny” as clearly as possible proved to be a hilarious challenge!

3. Scavenger hunt: Searching through the house to discover the most unexpected objects.

4. Bunny Hop Workout: We did all the following, adding more moves as we progressed.

* Hop like a bunny
* Peck like a chicken
* Swim like a duck
* Leap like a goat
* Lay like a lamb

5. Cooking activity: Of course we had to make a chocolate snack before Easter, with an array of delicious ingredients.

6. Easter songs and dance: Loads of fun, ending with us chanting the following song as quickly as possible!

One little, two little, three little bunnies

Four little, five little, six little bunnies

Seven little, eight little, nine little bunnies

Ten little Easter bunnies!


Happy Easter, everyone! Health, joy and happiness to you all.


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