Poetry projects by A’ and B’ Class

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In A' Class(en), B' Class(en)

Together with the students of A’ and B’ class, we had a great time reading three funny poems about school and sharing our feelings about online teaching conducted currently due to the pandemic. Subsequently, the children took the opportunity to illustrate their thoughts in a number of creative ways.


Typatone links: Short songs based on students’ thoughts after reading the poems

Ilias: http://typatone.com/m/UOBw14CxHe 

Pelagia: http://typatone.com/m/MDr2lfKq7e 

Orfeas: http://typatone.com/m/BoRGej3aTv


By Alexandra with Texter


By Ilias with Texter



A blackout poem by Alex based on the poem “Recess, oh Recess”


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