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All the following student video and poster projects are a direct result of the last two episodes of our school’s YouTube series, both of which exhibited the use of the Adobe Spark Video application and its potential in visualising students’ written speech.

Thus, learners of all levels have been able to base their creativity on a variety of topics that have been presented in our lessons with them, without any correction or interference by their teachers.

Therefore, liberty in language use is guaranteed, without any of the limitations tests or other more traditional activities usually pose. Language can now be seen in a freer, more creative and communicative context despite the occasional errors. Vocabulary has also been revised effectively through these projects, right before the school’s final exams.

The included recordings of the students’ voices in certain slides has been valuable pronunciation practice and has led to a greater awareness of the phonetics of the language and how accurate students’ enunciation is.


Some of our students’ videos and the corresponding classroom topics:

Pelagia, A class / My pet

Girls’ team, D class /  Animals

Girls and Leo, E’ Class / A scary story

Antony C class /  Spare time activities

Angel, C Class /  Spare time activities

Mike, B junior / My favourite pets

George, E class / A short story 

Stelios, D class / A scary story

Angel, C class / The beautiful island of Crete


Two videos by Joanna of B’ Class, visualising her writing:

How we can protect the environment

My favourite band


Three videos by Alexandra and Irene of A’ class:

About myself

Did you know about the Minotaur of Crete?

Meet my cat Vrassidas!


Some beautiful posters made by the Juniors are included in the image gallery that follows.


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