Gold Creativity Award in ELT Excellence Awards 2021

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In A' Class(en), A' Junior(en), B' Class(en), B' Junior(en), B2 (en), C' Class(en), C2 Proficiency(en), D' Class(en), E' Class (en), English in Panhellenic Exams(en), IELTS(en), TOEFL(en), TOEIC(en)

For this much-coveted gold medal in Creativity in our classes, I owe an immense debt of gratitude to my wonderful students of all ages and their families of course, who are always eager to rise to all creative challenges.

The family of our school has once again worked miracles during demanding and taxing times. My partner in crime and in life holds a special place in this family and I sincerely thank him for his support.

The mere fact that I was able to stand among prominent colleagues gave me great pride and joy. These are people who strive to cultivate critical thinking skills, imagination and the will to create despite current commercial practices. I am deeply grateful for the optimism they all fill me with.

Last but not least, thank you ELT news and judging committee for that distinction. Wishing an invigorating summer to everyone!



Link to the students’ work which won the award:

Winner of a 2021 ELT Excellence Award!

P.S. Honoured to be in some of the following photos with Sissy Anastasia Gika, who will, from now on, represent the Ministry of Education at the EU permanent representation of Greece in Brussels.


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