Heraklion Ripper: A crime mystery for our team of detectives!

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In C' Class(en), D' Class(en), E' Class (en)

📲 On Saturday 9th October, the school’s team of dEATectives joined a Clued Upp crime mystery conducted in the centre of Heraklion, fully in English. The dEATectives, after they had had some delicious donuts and other treats, used the language in order to solve riddles and unlock witnesses and informants who were located in different parts of the city centre.

📲 All information was on a special application the leader and team members had downloaded, which allowed all participants to connect as a team, detect the suspects’ location, vote on the best decision each time and view or listen to the witnesses’ statements.

📲 Spithas, detective Angel’s amazing dog, boosted the team’s morale and inspired us to find more clues!

📲 It was a valuable learning experience for everyone involved and a perfect chance to use the language creatively! Our team may not have been the fastest one to solve the mystery, but we did win the Best Team Photo Award, which was due to the photo* seen above. Until the next outdoor event in our city, our detectives will be practising in English and getting ready for all challenges!


*Taken by Michael Kapsalis, photokapsalis.wordpress.com  


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