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Homemade Materials Issue: Link to all 4 articles

By sharing how they reduce, reuse, recycle and in the process create some fabulous homemade materials for their classrooms, Naomi Epstein, Pravita Indriati, Christina Markoulaki, and Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto show you how you can do the very same thing in your classrooms.

Turning Personal Experiences Into ‘Homemade’ Classroom Material: My article

Concerning EdTech, most teachers nowadays are eager to create their own Web 2.0 activities. But when they seem to lack inspiration or the appropriate resources, what constitutes a better springboard than their own experiences? Photos and videos of hobbies, travels, personal belongings, to name but a few, could form the perfect extra activity that will attract students’ attention and ‘sting’ their curiosity, since we all know how interested they are in learning about their teachers’ personal lives. In this article, I attempt to present just a few of the ways I have turned my travelling, family, cycling and other experiences into EFL material.


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