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The first video is about Verdun, the beautiful town of our French e-pals. Discover more information on


Time for another video, which was shot last March and is now available on the net. It is about PLACE (click on the first video displayed on the linked page), a website specially designed to be used by specific schools’ teachers, parents and students. You can see our epals’ school ‘Louis de Broglie’ at the beginning. Then, at 8’15, there is Aniella Lebeau’s (our e-pals’ teacher and initiator of millions of creative online projects) interview. Her pupils with their MP4 players can be seen in class and in the playground. Finally, she has the last word in the end of the documentary. Her pupils are in year 8B and they are 13 years old. Unfortunately, the video can be understood only by speakers of French, but the powerful image of a successful educational electronic environment surely makes an indelible impression on all viewers.


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